17 Apr

Apr. 16, 8:00 p.m. / Le 16 avril, 20 h
YouTube | Centre des arts et de la culture de Dieppe
Dieppe, 331 Av Acadie, Dieppe, NB E1A 1G9, Canada


An evening celebrating great successes in Atlantic Canadian literature over the past year. Be there as the 2021 Atlantic Book Awards finalists are revealed, and enjoy readings by winners of the Atlantic Book Awards, New Brunswick Book Awards, and Éloizes. Afterward, discover a short film titled Matin Ecchymose, which features a sign language performance of poetry by Mo Bolduc.

With: Gerard Collins, Daniel H. Dugas, Gemma Hickey, Valerie LeBlanc, Emilie Peltier, Réjean Roy & Jonathan Roy • Host: Philip André Collette

If Zone 1 (Moncton region) is at the YELLOW or ORANGE level, this event will feature live performances in front of an audience at the Dieppe Arts and Culture Centre. Seating is limited, restricted to bubbles of up to two (2) people. Admission is pay-what-you-can (at the door).

It will also be streamed live on our YouTube channel (@FryeMoncton).

In order to follow the provincial health regulations, we require you to indicate the name and contact information of all the people in your bubble.


Une soirée qui souligne l’excellence littéraire de la dernière année au Canada atlantique. Assistez au dévoilement des finalistes des Atlantic Book Awards 2021, et profitez des lectures de lauréats des Atlantic Book Awards, des New Brunswick Book Awards et des Éloizes. Ensuite, découvrez Matin Ecchymose, un court métrage mettant en scène une performance en langue des signes de poèmes de Mo Bolduc.

Avec : Gerard Collins, Daniel H. Dugas, Gemma Hickey, Valerie LeBlanc, Emilie Peltier, Réjean Roy & Jonathan Roy • Animateur : Philip André Collette

Si la zone 1 (région de Moncton) est en phase JAUNE ou ORANGE , cet événement se déroulera en présence des artistes et devant le public, au Centre des arts et de la culture de Dieppe. Les places sont limitées et la salle peut accueillir des bulles d’au plus deux (2) personnes. L’accès est à contribution volontaire (à la porte).

Il sera également diffusé en direct sur notre chaîne YouTube (@FryeMoncton).

Afin de suivre les règles de santé provinciales, nous vous demandons d’indiquer les noms et les coordonnées de toutes les personnes de votre bulle.

3 Mar

Here is a video documenting our exhibition HABITAT (Daniel H. Dugas + Valerie LeBlanc) curated by Jonathan Lamy and presented at Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen  – Nov 6 – Dec 20, 2020

English version

Voici une vidéo documentant notre exposition HABITAT (Daniel H. Dugas + Valerie LeBlanc) qui a été présentée à la Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen du 6 novembre au 20 décembre 2020. Commissaire Jonathan Lamy

Version française

Around Osprey

18 Feb

We (Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel H. Dugas) are stoked that our installation ‘fundy’ is going to be shown at the MSVU Art Gallery: May 29 – July 25, 2021!

For more information: https://www.msvuart.ca/exhibition/daniel-h-dugas-and-valerie-leblanc-fundy/

10 Jan

I am happy to announce that my book ‘Perspectives’ is now available!

The texts in this poetry collection have been influenced by memory, experience, conjecture, and through the vicarious life gleaned from media reported events.

Launch announcements will come later.


3 Jan

Three of my texts, Freedom to Think Clearly, Dawn, and Remembering the Questions not Answered, have been included in the Musings During a Time of Pandemic: A World Anthology of Poems on COVID-19.

About the book
For those who have gone before us, the dead, those swept away by the flapping wings of the bat, we wish them well in their travel! and, in their sojourn in the cleansing waters of purgatory, let their flawless spirits, independent of the stains of mundane effects of wrongdoing, attain purification and the rewards of the divine abode, a garden of delights; let no torture or torment be subjected upon them, oh, poor souls!, spare them, O God of mercy! since while on earth, they never offended anyone. In their departure from purgatory, let them move on in solemn silence, and acquire wings that will fly them to a watershed, a peaceful spot somewhere beyond the blue; therein, then, in their final dwelling, rest in eternal peace… and we, who are left behind, who are not any better than them, we who are immortalized in ash and dust, although stained with tears, let’s bond in a spirit of humility and kindness and strive as one human race to rock the world with our messages of hope, love and peace.

About The Compiler/Editor:
Christopher Okemwa is a literature lecturer at Kisii University, Kenya. He has a Ph.D. in performance poetry from Moi University, Kenya. He is the founder and current director of Kistrech International Poetry festival in Kenya (www.kistrechpoetry.org). His novella, Sabina and the Mystery of the Ogre, won the Canadian Burt Award for African Literature in 2015. He has written eight books of poetry and been translated to Armenian, Chinese, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian, Arabic, Polish, Chinese, Nepalese, Turkish, Spanish, Catalan and Serbian. He has also translated four literary works of international poets from English to Swahili. He is the editor of four poetry anthologies from around the world. He is the author of ten folktales of the Abagusii people of Kenya, three children’s storybooks, one play, two novels and four oral literature textbooks. Website: www.okemwa.co.ke

Copyright © 2020 Christopher Okemwa and all the authors herein.
All rights reserved.

This publication may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, by any means including photocopying or any information storage or retrieval system, without the specific and prior written permission of the author and publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law. This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be re-sold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the author’s or publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.

For permission requests, email the publisher at the address below.

Published by Kistrech Theatre International (www.kistrechpoetry.org)

ISBN: 978-9966-955-95-1

First Edition: November 2020
Published by Kistrech Theatre International (www.kistrechpoetry.org)
P.O. Box 3956, Kisii, Kenya.

Printed in Kenya
Ordering information:
WhatsApp: +254-723-868167
E-mail: festival@kistrechpoetry.org
E-Mail: cokemwa08@gmail.com, chris@okemwa.co.ke
Website: www.kistrechpoetry.org
Website: www.okemwa.co.ke

This anthology has been sponsored by Dr. Christopher Okemwa

About Valerie LeBlanc

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, pluri-­disciplinary artist and writer Valerie LeBlanc has worked in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Her creations travel between poetry, performance, visual and written theory. Valerie LeBlanc has been creating video poetry since the mid 1980’s, and is the creator of the MediaPackBoard (MPB), portable screening / performance device.

L’artiste pluridisciplinaire Valerie LeBlanc est vidéaste, poète, performeuse et essayiste. Son travail oscille entre le remarquable et le quotidien. Elle a exposé ses œuvres en Europe, en Australie et au Brésil. Elle crée des vidéopoèmes depuis le milieu des années 1980 et a inventé le MediaPackBoard (MPB), un appareil de projection mobile pour la performance.

Date : April 2020
Genre : Vidéopoésie/Videopoetry

Videopoetry / Vidéopoésie

Small Walker Press

Date : January 2021
Genre : Poetry