15 Nov

Somehow the legend arose that Atlas the giant was supporting the weight of the world.  The world turned, was plunged into darkness, and the legend was lost in the archives.  After a few nights of bad dreams in musty accommodations, entrepreneurs began to pull back the blinds from the lost passages.  As Alchemists, they searched for ways of increasing the quality of gold which could be held in the hands.  Time passed as the analysis and classification continued, and commodities changed hands.  Eventually it was realized that the D.N.A. of giants might put them at risk.  Indeed, Atlas might have been supporting a weight heavy enough to cause heart damage.  Now that we find ourselves on the hinge of a new époque, we know more about strengths and weakness.  The question has become “What is implied by the weight of the world”

The strongman appears to be sleepwalking, and is about to step off the edge.  He is wading through a swamp carrying a hot potato as the world turns around him.  It all passes over his head and the cracks are starting to show.

Would now be a good time to get out the cards and to cast the die?

Atlas was exhibited at the Gallery George Goguen / Radio Canada in Moncton in November 1998 and in the Marion McCain Exibition ‘Artist in a Floating World’ at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Frederiction in the fall 2000.

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About Valerie LeBlanc

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, pluri-­disciplinary artist and writer Valerie LeBlanc has worked in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Her creations travel between poetry, performance, visual and written theory. Valerie LeBlanc has been creating video poetry since the mid 1980’s, and is the creator of the MediaPackBoard (MPB), portable screening / performance device.

L’artiste pluridisciplinaire Valerie LeBlanc est vidéaste, poète, performeuse et essayiste. Son travail oscille entre le remarquable et le quotidien. Elle a exposé ses œuvres en Europe, en Australie et au Brésil. Elle crée des vidéopoèmes depuis le milieu des années 1980 et a inventé le MediaPackBoard (MPB), un appareil de projection mobile pour la performance.

Date : April 2020
Genre : Vidéopoésie/Videopoetry

Videopoetry / Vidéopoésie

Small Walker Press

Date : January 2021
Genre : Poetry