15 Sep

World Portable Galleries Convention 2012

Halifax, NS

A collaborative work instigated by Daniel Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc

Here is a first glimpse at the project.  We will be adding to the documentation.

For the WPGC we assembled a bamboo ‘fishing pole’ and hooked up a mini-spy cam to it. Valerie put on the MPB and we stepped out to explore views of the city not readily visible to passersby. We talked with other pedestrians and pointed the camera into spaces that they were interested in examining. Several of the WPGC curators and Eye Level Members stepped out with us to try out the apparatus. As images were transferred from the spycam to the MPB monitor, we used a separate camcorder to record what the spycam saw.

With Michael McCormack (fishing pole) and Matthew Carswell (camera)

Michael Eddy (fishing pole) looking at the sign

Valerie LeBlanc carrying the MPB on Argyle St.

Michael Eddy lifting the fishing pole

In front of the Tony’s Pizza on Robie St., diners onlooking

Andrew McLaren on corner of Cunard and Robie, September 7 during the opening at the 161 Gallon Gallery

This project has been made possible with the support of artsnb

and EyeLevel Gallery and its funders

3 Sep

The World Portable Gallery Convention 2012 is an international convention on portable galleries and alternative spaces hosted by Eyelevel Gallery during the month of September. The project celebrates the variety of spaces with which curators around the globe have extended public interaction with art institutions.


Wednesday, September 5th
Opening Reception for WPGC 2012
8pm onwards
Opening Statements: Michael Eddy, Liz Johnson and Michael McCormack
Performance: Judy Freya Sibayan’s Museum Of Mental Objects
Curator’s Presentation: Paul Hammond and Francesca Tallone
And Then We Party

Description: Join us in celebrating the dawning of a new era where gallery’s roam free and the wine pours like onsens of morning coffees. Paul Hammond and Francesca Tallone will deliver a curator’s presentation on Halifax’s legendary Gallery Deluxe Gallery. Judy Freya Sibayan’s Museum Of Mental Objects will take on it’s newest form, and the main gallery space will be filled with Halifax’s newest portable and alternative galleries. Eyelevel’s first exhibition in our Member’s Gallery will include work by our very own Fixed Cog Hero, and Liz Johnson, Michael Eddy and Michael McCormack will kick things off with a toast to the WPGC 2012 in Halifax.

Thursday, September 6th

Expose Your Self: Gallery as Performer

7-9pm at the Seahorse Tavern 1665 Argyle Street
Curators Talk and Panel: Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel Dugas, Hannah Jickling, Gordon B. Isnor

9:30pm onwards in various locations on Argyle Street
Performance: Media Pack Board, Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel Dugas

Description: Running a gallery is one thing, wearing a gallery is another. Enjoy a beverage in Atlantic Canada’s right across from the site of the WTCC, and engage in a panel discussion by three truly mobile galleries; Hannah Jickling’s Coat Of Charms, the Alopecia Gallery (a gallery on Gordon B. Isnor’s face), and Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel Dugas’ Media Pack Board. Following this will be a live performance of Media Pack Board in various locations along Halifax’s busiest nightlife destination Argyle Street.

Friday, September 7th
Convention Central

3pm at the HRM North Branch Library 2285 Gottingen Street
Round Table Discussion: Bernard Smith and other special guests.

7pm at 161 Gallon Gallery
Curators Talk and Reception: Daniel Joyce and Miriam Moren

Description: Halifax is the scenic capital of Nova Scotia and the largest city in the Maritimes. It is famous as a tourist port of call and a cultural and historical hub, despite its ailing economy. Discussions about constructing a new convention centre in the downtown core have cited economic spinoffs and putting the province on the map. This means more visitors, more meeting, more deals, more money…eh? With Halifax as a backdrop, our convention seeks to look at why we gather, and the many different qualities of convening. We invite everyone any anyone to come and share your thoughts in this discussion.

Friday evening will be a chance to wind down at the homegrown gallery of 161 Gallon Gallery. This gallery has existed in the home of Daniel Joyce and Miriam Moren on the corner of Robie and Cunard in Halifax for almost a decade exhibiting works by many of Halifax’s emerging and established contemporary artists. Miriam and Daniel invite the WPGC to their home for a talk and reception of the work of Lukas Pearse in 161 Gallon Gallery.

Saturday, September 8th

Eyelevelers vs. Klubbers Softball Match and Portable Gallery Picnic

Noon-3pm at the Olympic Softball Diamond (next to the skate park and the Pavilion in the Halifax Commons)

Description: Eyelevel’s very own softball team The Eyelevelers take on the Khyber Klubbers in a seven inning softball showdown and picnic. SUNSCAD will accompany us with some fun activities, while portable gallery’s roam the Halifax Commons. Sip some homemade lemonade, get yer hot dogs and cracker jacks, while taking in the Coat Of Charms, the Nanomuseum, or the Alopecia Gallery, all while working on evening out that farmers tan!
For further information:

CALL: Eyelevel Gallery at (902) 425 6412
VISIT: www.eyelevelgallery.ca
WATCH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_LLIIEypoA or watch our live interview on the CTV morning show on Tuesday, September 4th at 7:45am.
READ: http://www.thecoast.ca/halifax/behind-the-portable/Content?oid=3331393

Biographies of participating artists and curators:

Daniel Joyce, (b. 1982, Newmarket, ON) currently lives in Halifax, NS as an artist and Artistic Director for the Khyber Centre for the Arts. Joyce studied Fine Arts at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario before moving out east to finish his BFA at NSCAD in 2007. Besides making art Joyce enjoys writing, having been published by Hunter and Cook Magazine and Atlantic Canada’s Visual Arts News Magazine.

Miriam Moren was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and studied fine arts and art history at Langara College (Vancouver) , NSCAD University (Halifax) and recently Contemporary Studies at the University of Kings College in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she currently resides and works.

Craig Leonard is a lampshade floating on molten mayonnaise on the soft shoulder of the Black Forest. He reports for the Times, the Sun, the Daily, and the Exquirer. The Velcro Gallery is a circular patch found on fitted fabric worn and curated for the WPGC 2012 by the Honourable Beck Gilmer-Osborne.
(see Gilmer-Osborne, Beck)

Beck Gilmer-Osborne is a third year NSCAD student majoring in Intermedia and Art History. Relocated from rural Ontario, where the population’s favored artwork includes Robert Bateman and Norman Rockwell, Rebecca could not be more honored to be a part of the WPGC.

Felipe Escudero‘s futuristic work explores generative design techniques and numerically controlled manufacturing methodologies towards the production of integrated architecture. He is currently part of the group RES at the Design Research Lab of the Architectural Association, undertaking a Masters in Architecture and Urbanism. Felipe has previously worked for kokkugia in London and for MAD Architects in Beijing.

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, pluri-disciplinary artist and writer Valerie LeBlanc has worked in Canada, the United States, France, England and Australia.  Her creations travel between poetry, performance, visual and written theory.  Valerie LeBlanc has been creating video poetry since the mid 1980’s, and is the creator of the MediaPackBoard (MPB), portable screening / performance device.  She is currently based in Moncton, NB Canada.

Daniel Dugas is a videographer, poet and musician. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions as well as festivals and literary events in North America, Europe, Mexico and Australia. His seventh book of poetry: Au large des objets perdus was published by Les Éditions Prise de parole, 2011.  His novella, The Moss Theory, was published by Basic Bruegel Editions this summer.

Paul Hammond is a Halifax-based screen-printer and illustrator. Primarily his work takes the form of a collaborative partnership with artist Seth Smith, under the name Yorodeo. They focus on collaborative drawing, collage, and creating limited edition, hand-pulled screen-prints and gigposters, as well as exploring anaglyphic 3D screen-printing by hand. Much of Hammond’s solo work considers questions surrounding the nature, authenticity, and relevance of objects, spaces and structures – often presenting objects, re-framed and given new context or meaning. For instance, a Halifax residential attic crawl space re-purposed, and run for two years as a functional art gallery, with co-curator Francesca Tallone.

Francesca Tallone is an American-born, Montreal-based photographer and curator. She has exhibited both her own work and curated shows throughout the US, Canada and Europe. She is co-curator of a gallery in Munich, Germany that is smaller than a business card. Her current roster of photographic pursuits include working with Montreal clothing designers and shooting images a book of new work, hopefully due out in 2013. She can be found wandering around at patternclash.tumblr.com.

Chris Foster lives and works in Halifax, NS http://chrisfoster.ca/

Gordon B. Isnor (BFA, NSCAD) founded the Alopecia Gallery in 1996. The gallery has featured shows by Michael Fernandes, Sandy Plotnikoff, Darrin Heaton, Amy Baker, Paige Gratland, and Julia Baird and participated in the group show There’s A New Beard In Town (http://www.orgallery.org/webprojects/hannah/about.html), organized by Hannah Jickling in association with Or Gallery Vancouver.


Kate Rich is an Australian-born artist & trader. At the turn of the century she launched Feral Trade, a public experiment trading goods over social networks. She is currently developing protocols to define and manage amenities of hospitality, catering, sports and survival in the cultural realm.


Meredith Kooi is a doctoral student in the Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts and certificate student in Comparative Literature at Emory University where she organizes the salon series SENSORIUM for the Visual Scholarship Initiative. She received her MA in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her BA in Environmental Studies from Denison University. She is the Editor for Radius, an experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago, IL. She has been published in the DVD journal ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art and has a forthcoming essay in The Contemporary Visual Studies Reader edited by James Elkins (Routledge). Her visual and performance work has been shown in galleries and medical venues both nationally and internationally. Her dissertation work centers on the aesthetics of the autoimmune condition as a physiological phenomenon and structuring logic of selfhood, the social, and politics.

Hannah Jickling is from the Canadian north and currently lives and works in Toronto.  Her project interests look at sport, outdoor recreation and education as models for performance, participation and feminist engagement.  Together with Helen Reed, she is artist-in residence and visiting scholar at the Ontario Institue for Studies in Education, supported by The Pedagogical Impulse, a SSHRC-funded research project.  Hannah is curator and performer of The Coat of Charms, a portable gallery inside a trench coat.
In recent years, Hannah has shown/presented at: Locust Projects (Miami), Transmission Gallery (Glasgow), the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (Yukon), Dalhousie University Art Gallery (Halifax), YYZ Artists Outlet (Toronto), Dare-Dare (Montreal), the Or Gallery, Access Gallery, VIVO (Vancouver), apexart (New York), Portland Art Museum and the SFMOMA (San Francisco).  She received her BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (2003), and her MFA (Art and Social Practice), from Portland State University (2010).
Daniel Joyce, (b. 1982, Newmarket, ON) currently lives in Halifax, NS as an artist and Artistic Director for the Khyber Centre for the Arts. Joyce studied Fine Arts at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario before moving out east to finish his BFA at NSCAD in 2007. Besides making art Joyce enjoys writing, having been published by Hunter and Cook Magazine and Atlantic Canada’s Visual Arts News Magazine.

Michael McCormack is an interdisciplinary artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was the founder and custodian of the McCleave Gallery of Fine Art from 2002 until the suitcase gallery merged with the Suitcase Art Gallery Space Research Institute (SAGSRI) in 2007. Michael currently works as the Director of Eyelevel Gallery and representative for the Association of Artist-run Centres from the Atlantic. He has co-curated exhibitions throughout Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, and Ireland, and exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries, festivals and artist-run centres across Canada, most recently at Eastern Edge Gallery in St. Johns, Newfoundland, and received individual artist funding from Nova Scotia Communities, Culture and Heritage. Michael recently completed the Electronics Residency at the Centre For Art Tapes in Halifax, NS, and will be exhibiting with the Confederation Centre for the Arts at Art in the Open in Charlottetown, PE in August of 2012, as well as with the Centre For Art Tapes as part of Nocturne: Art at Night in October 2012.

Michael Eddy is a Canadian artist living since 2008 in Beijing, China, where for the last 2 years he has had the pleasure to be part of HomeShop, an artist-run initiative incorporating various social practices within the locality. He has frequently worked in collaboration with others, the most long term of which is the collaborative trio Knowles Eddy Knowles. His individual and collaborative work has been exhibited and published internationally. With a base in photography, he works across various media including performance, writing and installation, and is interested in decision-making processes, rhetoric, experience and narrative.

Elizabeth Johnson is currently living in Halifax, NS where she originally moved to attend NSCAD University.   She has found herself fortunate enough to be working with non-for-profit artist run collaborations such as Eye Level Gallery and Art Bikers.  She is experimenting in as many mediums as possible including weaving, architectural thread studies, and video malfunctions.

Radius is an experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago, IL, USA. Radius features a new project semi-monthly with statements by artists who use radio as a primary element in their work. Radius provides artists with live and experimental formats in radio programming. The goal is to support work that engages the tonal and public spaces of the electromagnetic spectrum. All audio works are broadcasted locally on 88.9-FM with a secondary stream online.

Jeff Kolar is an audio artist working in Chicago, USA. His work, described as “speaker-shredding” (Half Letter Press) and “wonderfully strange” (John Corbett), includes cross-platform collaboration, low-powered radio, and live performance. Jeff is also the director of Radius, an experimental radio broadcast platform.


Looking forward to seeing you this week!

The WPGC Team
Eyelevel Gallery
2159 Gottingen Street
Halifax, NS, B3K 3B5
(902) 425 6412

9 Aug

Daniel Dugas and I are bringing the MediaPackBoard to EyeLevel Gallery in Halifax to participate in the WPGC 2012! It’s going to be great ! More to come later, in the meantime, here is the poster.

8 Jul

Thierry Bissonnette

Daniel Dugas et Valérie LeBlanc se sont faits chasseurs ­cueilleurs sonores lors de la foire d’art sudburoise. Ces artistes de Moncton ont déambulé parmi les activités de la FAAS 2010 afin de prélever des séquences qui formeraient Soundbury, une collection en ligne de moments audio qui livre leur vision singulière d’une période effervescente sous la forme d’une «cartographie sonore de Sudbury».

Durant douze heures, Dugas et LeBlanc ont promené leurs micros pour capter des moments témoins de leur dialogue silencieux avec une ville et des artistes qui l’animaient. Ces moments sont fortuits, discrets, hétéroclites : un ruban adhésif qui flotte au vent, un tenancier qui réfléchit sur le retour tardif de la neige, un commentaire sur des bonhommes de neige intempestifs, un homme qui fait rouler son chariot sur le pavé de la rue Elgin, un poème énoncé dans une chambre d’hôtel, l’attente près des portes de la galerie d’art, l’essai de guitares dans une boutique… Affichées progressivement sur le site Web et représentées par une photo et une rubrique, ces séquences sonores naviguent entre l’art et le non-art apparents.

L’imaginaire de l’objet, du sujet et du récepteur sont inhérents à ces fragments sonores. Car si Soundbury a fouillé la ville pour y trouver des bouts d’âme, sa structure n’est complétée que par l’auditeur qui s’engage à composer un parcours. Ce faisant, on crée et on explore une ville miniature qui n’existe que dans l’ouïe, le temps d’une visite en diagonale.

Arriving from Moncton, Daniel Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc became hunter-gatherers of sounds during Sudbury’s alternative arts festival. Drawing from their rich background in online projects and exhibitions – he is a poet, she is a professor, and both are videographers – they meandered through the activities of the FAAS 2010 to capture audio clips that would eventually provide raw material for Soundbury, a collection of moments in sound expressing their particular vision of an effervescent time.

Soundbury can now be heard in its entirety on the site http://soundbury.wordpress.com. Its creators describe it as “a sonic cartography project, an audible image of the city of Sudbury” Over a twelve hour period, Dugas and Leblanc pointed their microphones at key moments that witnessed their silent dialogue with a city that was teeming with artists and writers, but also with the city’s more discrete aspects. This affinity for dialogue is also evident in the title of Daniel Dugas’ book of poetry, Hé!, which had recently been published by Prise de parole. Chance encounters often produce this familiar and fabulous exclamation.

As they brought back a number of short-lived moments, the two artists constructed a mish-mashed intersection that nonetheless bears their signature at its vanishing point. Thirty rubrics, each one introducing one or two sequences, were gradually uploaded onto the site. Today, they can be heard in the reverse order or in a non-numerical order. A visiting ear can wander as it pleases, starting with the final clip where trains pass by in the night, moving on to a moment captured at Peddler’s Pub on Cedar Street, or pausing by a ventilation outlet behind Durham Street, before opening a small window on the performances of Tania Lukin or Thierry Marceau. A strip of adhesive tape flutters in the wind; a tenant reflects on the unseasonal snowfall; someone comments on untimely snowmen; a man pushes a buggy over pavement on Elgin Street; a poem is read in a hotel room; patrons wait outside the art gallery; guitars are strummed in a music store… all these clips, each one represented by a still photo, plot a course between art and apparent non-art. Should a listener be so inclined, more than one clip can be heard simultaneously.

As we sift through this collection, we realize ever more clearly how these brief fragments combine the imagery of their objects, subjects and receivers. Soundbury tunneled into a city to find flecks of its soul, but its structure is not complete until the listener has recomposed its trajectory and created a miniature city that exists only in the vibrations of eardrums and in the moments of a visit in passing.

For a general overview of the experience, visit http:// soundbury.wordpress.com/google-map/, where a map indicates all the places where audio samples were obtained. A click on a mark displays the corresponding title and still image, and the audio sequence can be played. The result is an unusual map that can be used to discover downtown Sudbury, thanks to two generous artists from New Brunswick.

Hors Lieux
Une Rétrospective de la foire d’art alternatif de Sudbury 2010
Français : p 23
English: p 61-62
La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario

ISBN 978-2-923024-51-6

7 Jul

Revisiting the Midway

From top to bottom:
1. Trial
2. Dark Horse
3. Alien
4. Pilgrim
5. Many Colour
6.Wheel of Fire
7. Glory Days

About Valerie LeBlanc

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, pluri-­disciplinary artist and writer Valerie LeBlanc has worked in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Her creations travel between poetry, performance, visual and written theory. Valerie LeBlanc has been creating video poetry since the mid 1980’s, and is the creator of the MediaPackBoard (MPB), portable screening / performance device.

L’artiste pluridisciplinaire Valerie LeBlanc est vidéaste, poète, performeuse et essayiste. Son travail oscille entre le remarquable et le quotidien. Elle a exposé ses œuvres en Europe, en Australie et au Brésil. Elle crée des vidéopoèmes depuis le milieu des années 1980 et a inventé le MediaPackBoard (MPB), un appareil de projection mobile pour la performance.

À partir de leur exploration du parc national des Everglades, Daniel H. Dugas et Valerie LeBlanc cartographient dans cet essai poétique les effets de la présence humaine sur le milieu naturel, les traces qu’elle y dépose. Everglades est une ode à la beauté, à la fragilité et à la résilience d’une nature aux prises avec une espèce envahissante, la nôtre.

Through their exploration of the Everglades National Park, Daniel H. Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc document, in this poetic collection, the effects of human presence in the natural world and the traces left behind. Everglades is an ode to the beauty, the fragility and the resilience of nature faced with the invasiveness of a particular species, ours.

Date : Mars 2018
Genre : Poésie
Collection : Poésie
ISBN : 9782897441029

Prise de parole