MPB Was There Then (2011)

• MPB Was There Then, Sackville I’m yours, still: a members’ exhibition, Struts, Sackville, NB

This is Real
One’s own sense of presence, of being here, of being here now, is the exact momentous hinge. Fleeting, racing, flying in reverse, encapsulated pearls of events are dissolved into the universal space as soon as they breathe life. They become strung on the flowing chain of events ordered through the construct of time.

Surviving in the current climate is enhanced by virtual presence, and at the same time, the voyage through the day-to-day chain of time-based events can, at times, become tenuous.

That is when it is important to remember that regardless of any worldly physical architecture, the moment of thought will always be located here and now.

– Valerie LeBlanc, June 1, 2011.

written loosely in reference to:

Paul Virilio, The University of Disaster, Polity Press, Cambridge, UK, 2010, pp. 45-46 (original publication 2007)

Lying by deterrence of reality, which resurrects lying by omission, is actually an attempt to institutionalise ‘conscientious objection’ or, better still, the duty of reserve – by misusing the energy of the visible, of the audiovisible, in order to condition people’s thinking through the ‘reality effects’ of teleobjectivity. Yet such a retreat claims to be immediate connection. What they omit, here, is to specify something that nineteenth-century economists used to observe, with humour, regarding the ascendancy of the railway: ‘The problem with the railway is that it works both ways.’

Distancing brings us closer. That’s explicitly obvious, on condition, however, that we don’t neglect what is implicitly obvious: the proximity of the far away greatly favours exteriority to the detriment of all conscious interiority. In other words, the ‘real time’ of telecommunications disqualifies the real space of objective presence, promoting instead the virtual telepresence of being over there. This has reached the point where the impact of the ascendancy of the railway of yore is now superseded by the impact strategy of the totalitarian enterprise of the multimedia over our mental outlooks.

Being here, here and now, is then subtlety discredited, rendered furtive, to the exclusive advantage of an absence imposed remotely by means of a teleobjectivity that no ones contests in its optical credulity, or more exactly its ‘electro-optical’ (optronic) credulity.

About Valerie LeBlanc

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, pluri-­disciplinary artist and writer Valerie LeBlanc has worked in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Her creations travel between poetry, performance, visual and written theory. Valerie LeBlanc has been creating video poetry since the mid 1980’s, and is the creator of the MediaPackBoard (MPB), portable screening / performance device.

L’artiste pluridisciplinaire Valerie LeBlanc est vidéaste, poète, performeuse et essayiste. Son travail oscille entre le remarquable et le quotidien. Elle a exposé ses œuvres en Europe, en Australie et au Brésil. Elle crée des vidéopoèmes depuis le milieu des années 1980 et a inventé le MediaPackBoard (MPB), un appareil de projection mobile pour la performance.

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Genre : Vidéopoésie/Videopoetry

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