24 Nov

3rd Annual Co-Kisser Poetry-Film Festival
October 19, 2013   4 – 8pm
Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota 

In October, I had the opportunity to screen my work MPB Was There Then at the Co-Kisser Poetry-Film Festival.  Thanks to funding from artsnb in the form of a Career Development: Arts-by-Invitation grant, I was able to attend and to participate actively during the Festival.

On Friday evening, several of the participants met socially with the Curators.  The meet-and-greet offered the chance to network.  It was surprising to find out that several of the works chosen were by Canadian artists, and as participants, we came from Moncton, Winnipeg-via-Halifax and Vancouver.  My partner and co- presenter, Daniel Dugas and I were able to arrive in time to take part in informal discussions.  Located in the block adjacent to The Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD) where the festival took place, the Jasmine 26 has a tradition of welcoming artists.

My work MPB Was There Then was screened during the session Category 2: Soul on the Road – Physics, Math, and Memory.  Afterward, I took part in the panel discussion: Choosing to make Poetry-Films.  MPB Was There Then is based on a ‘mise-en-abyme’, or infinity image of myself and plays with concepts of time and self-representation.  Through the panel, I was able to talk about the various projects that I have brought together via the MediaPackBoard (MPB).  The MPB e-Book project/critical discourse, currently in-progress, is also supported by artsnb.  The project is scheduled for completion early in 2014.  I will be contacting the Co-Kisser Festival Curators Jen Marsh and Ruth Wollersheim when the e-book will be available.

The Co-Kisser International Poetry – film festival describes its venue as unique due to its intention to show both long and short films in all styles and genres. The overall impression I got from the festival was a sensibility for the human condition – something that is always close to my heart and often at the root of my own work.  When I learned that Jen March, Co-Curator and Founder of the event has been funding it herself for its three year history, I was further impressed.

The support I received to travel and to present at the Co-Kisser Poetry-Film Festival gave a chance to expand my network of peers and has enabled me to open up new conversations surrounding the discussion of video poetry and media arts from the New Brunswick perspective.  Daniel and I would like to see a similar video/film/poetry festival develop in Moncton and exposure to the Minnesota-St. Paul Co-Kisser was an opportunity to see ways of bringing it about through community participation.

The video MPB Was There Then and my earlier entry about the work can be seen online at:

Festival link:

Downloadable program link:

Festival archive:


This activity was supported by the New Brunswick Arts Board
Cette activité était soutenue par le Conseil des arts du Nouveau-Brunswick


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