9 Mar

The River (2012)

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TV series:  If you do something wrong and say you are sorry – it is OK. (even if people die in the meantime)

Even though it is not said, the unknown power moves to punish or to forgive. (WOW.)

It is all ‘Heeby – Jeeby’ and magic ‘poof’ powder.

Poof – you’re blind.

Poof, you see again, no side effects, no fine print to read on the packaging label.

That’s it – the power of the Amazon,

before McDonald’s was ‘loving it all.’


Hey Steven, “ Is it okay if I wave to the camera?”

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About Valerie LeBlanc

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, pluri-­disciplinary artist and writer Valerie LeBlanc has worked in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Her creations travel between poetry, performance, visual and written theory. Valerie LeBlanc has been creating video poetry since the mid 1980’s, and is the creator of the MediaPackBoard (MPB), portable screening / performance device. In the fall of 2012, she published her play The Raft, through Basic Bruegel Editions.