mediated world on the street
a new project by Valerie LeBlanc

In Calgary, Alberta - October 27, 2005
during the ACAD Faculty Exhibition 2005 opening

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I am currently a Sessional Instructor in the Media Arts & Digital Technologies Department of the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary. Here are a couple of photo stills and a movie file of the video I presented during the opening night of the 2005 Faculty Exhibition.

For the duration of the exhibition, I am showing a photo portrait of The Ghost Squid, a Hallowe’en costume persona built from poetry cue cards used during the production of the project Time Travel in This Moment (2002-04 The video: ‘A Mystery, featuring the Ghost Squid’ is a playful collage built from various footage.

The Poetry Squid
In the spring of 2003, during the Time Travel Internet readings, I wrote out large scale versions of the texts to cue the readers. It didn’t work that well as you could hear the pages being turned which made it difficult for me, the Reader and my Assistant, Daniel Dugas not to laugh.
i n Calgary, Alberta - October 27, 2005
during the opening of the Alberta College of Art and Design: ACAD Faculty Exhibition 2005

photos: daniel dugas
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